Technical sciences

  1. Karolina Hejbudzka – Applications of Terrestrial Laser Scanning
  2. Kristina Ferkovic – Correcting RMS value of a sine waveform sampled due limited number of periods and determinate aperture time on DMM
  3. Luis Guerra – Memristive Devices for Neuromorphic Computation
  4. Łukasz Wzorek – Plastic Consolidation of Highly Dispersed Forms of Light Metals and Alloys
  5. Magda Ziółkowska – Analysis of Adsorbents Porosity – Methods and Models
  6. Manuel Sobrino – The Future of Liquid Fuels Viscosities at High Pressures
  7. Moritz Huebel – Dynamic Modelling of Fossil Power Plants – Increasing Flexibility to Balance Fluctuations from Renewable Energy Sources
  8. Naghiyev Jalal – Sorption of Uranyl Ions from Water Solutions
  9. Nihan Aliyev, Yelena Mustafayeva – Some Special Conditions of Investigation Mixed Problem
  10. Phu Hong Nguyen – Model Driven Security
  11. Radiation_Methods_of_Polymers_Modification_-_Hybrid_Crosslinking_of_Nitrile_Rubber_Katarzyna_Bandzierz_Poland
  12. Rahila Hasanova – Weighted Hirsch Index
  13. Ricardo Andre – Nanowires in Suspended Core Fiber for New High Sensitivity Optical Sensors
  14. Sam Van der Jeught – Graphics Processing Accelerated Medical Imaging
  15. Sevinj Bashirova – Resistive Gas Sensors With Polymer Films
  16. Shahlar Maharramov – Necessary Optimality Condition of a Switching Control System
  17. Т. Levina, Κ. Vazhdaev – Magneto-optical transducers of information-measuring systems
  18.  A Microscopic Investigation of the γ-Quantum Irradiated Pb1-XMnXSe Epitaxial Films
  19. Alejandro Hernandez – On how a PhD Student is Contributing to Research but not Founding it – A Parabole with Open Source Software
  20. Amina Mikayılova – Gamma – Spectrometric Determination of Natural Radionuclides in Soil and Water Samples Taken from Aran Zone
  21. Ana Ribeiro – Optofluidic Devices for Single Cell Manipulation
  22. André França – A New Era in Fundamental Physics
  23. Daniel Mota – Magnetoelastic Coupling and Domain Reconstruction in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Thin Films Epitaxially Grown on SrTiO3
  24. Dimitar Shopovski – E-Marketing
  25. F. Nagiyev, A. Xudıyeva – Steady Motion of a Two-Layer Ideal Fluid in a Vertical Channel
  26. Fabrizio Albertetti – An Intelligence Proccess-driven Knowledge Extraction Framework for Crime Analysis
  27. Fernando PerezSanz – Spherical Resonator Speed of Sound Measurements of New Alternative Gas Mixtures
  28. Flavio Coelho – Collision of Gravitational Shock Waves in D Dimensions
  29. Gulnar.Mirzayeva – A Πroblem on Δynamics of a Ρectangular Βeam
  30. Hannes Schmidt – Realisation of a Substitution Method
  31. Irina Ershova – Equipment for Producing Bakery Products Using Energy of Ultra-High Frequency Microwaves
  32. Julija Baniukevic – Oriented Immobilized Antibodies in Sers-Based Immunoasay Against Bovine Leukemia Virus